Preparation Tips for Class 12 Board Exam

Class 12 is a very crucial stage for students. They require good marks in Class 12 to get admission into a reputed university or college. Students work hard to score high marks in Class 12 board exams. Students burn the midnight oil in preparing well for the Class 12 board exams. Also, with Class 12 students, school life gets over, and they begin their new journey for higher studies. Here, we have provided a few tips that will help them prepare.

The career goal of a student depends on the result of Class 12. The percentage you score will decide the area of interest for your future studies. It also determines what you want to become, the profession you will choose, and how soon you will achieve your dream. So, to acquire all these goals, students need to work hard. Students need to prepare themselves from the beginning of the session, starting with the syllabus. Once the syllabus is complete, students should solve previous years’ papers, CBSE sample paper class 12, reference books, etc.

Tips to Prepare for Class 12 Board Exam

Preparing for board exams is not a day or week task. Students have to put effort right from the beginning of the academic session and be consistent in their studies. Then only they will be able to achieve high scores in Class 12 board exams. The study tips provided below will help students sail through their board exam preparation journey.

1) Complete the syllabus

Students must follow the CBSE syllabus and cover all mentioned topics. The syllabus is released by the board every year on the official website. Students can easily download the CBSE syllabus pdf and get well-versed in the course structure. The syllabus will help them know the topics and subtopics covered under each subject. It also provides information regarding the exam structure and marks distribution. Moreover, by referring to the syllabus, students get the latest changes that have been made in the course curriculum.

2) Refer to the NCERT books

After knowing the syllabus, the next thought that comes into students’ minds is which resource to follow. So, the best and most authentic resource for students is NCERT books. The board recommends these books, designed as per the syllabus. The concepts are explained well, and books are written in easy language. There is a high probability that most of the questions provided at the end of each chapter are asked in the board exam. So, students are recommended to study from the NCERT books and prepare well with the exercise questions to score high marks.

3) Prepare a revision plan

After completing the syllabus from the NCERT book, students must start their revision. But, before starting it, students must prepare a revision plan. It will help them keep track of chapters they have revised and those they need to revise.

4) Solve sample papers and previous years’ papers

After finishing the revision, students must solve some sets of sample papers and mock papers. These papers are the best way to self assess the exam preparation. Also, students get a better idea of the question paper pattern and the type of questions expected to be asked in the exam. Apart from sample papers, students can also practice the CBSE previous years’ question papers to know the questions previously asked in the exam.

5) Learn from mistakes

Students must learn from their mistakes. After solving the sample papers and previous years’ papers, students must evaluate their answer sheets. By doing so, they will get to know their mistakes and areas which require improvement. They can improve their performance for Class 12 board exams by working on them.

Apart from these preparation tips, the essential thing that students must take care of is their health. Especially during the COVID time, students need to pay attention to their health. They should take both doses of the vaccine and get fully vaccinated. In public places, they must maintain a distance of 2 meters from others and wear a mask. Frequently sanitise and wash their hands. They must eat healthy food and sleep well during the preparation because a healthy mind and a fit body will help them achieve their goal.

While entering the exam hall, students should wear their masks, sanitise their hands, carry CBSE admit card and other necessary things required during the exam.