Affordable Smart Thermostats

cheap smart thermostat

Smart Home Technology has been a trending topic of discussion ever since the Covis-19 pandemic hit back in 2020. Considering people were confined to their homes for quite some time, there was obviously the realization and discovery of the reliability and efficiency provided by smart home devices.

From voice assistants, such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to efficiently comply with your voice commands, to smart strip lights that add a little extra flair to your room, smart home devices have opened up a whole new way of up doing your living space.

Smart devices such as smart thermostats are also among those that are commonly bought due to their ease of accessibility and the efficiency they provide with their given features which are not only great because they somehow automate the process itself, but also because they allow us to do our part in protecting the environment. A bonus is that it also helps reduce the heating and cooling bill!

However, scanning the internet to find the best smart thermostat for your household, and that too within your affordability range can be an overwhelming task given the numerous options the internet lists down for you – which is why we have shortlisted some cheap smart thermostat that are definitely worth the investment!

  1. Google Nest Thermostat

Retail Price $129.99

The Google Nest Thermostat is a cheaper, more affordable variant of the Google Nest Learning Thermostat but still as good as its expensive counterpart. This smart thermostat does not feature built-in voice-enabled control, however, it can connect and sync with other voice assistants other than the Google Assistant like the Amazon Alexa for instance, and has smartphone application control as well through the Google Home app.

One feature that stands out with the Nest Thermostat is that it offers a feature referred to as ‘routines’ that can be accessed and customized as per the user’s daily or weekly schedule and routine in general. Other than that, the device uses the connected phone’s location in order to automatically shift to an eco-friendly temperature setting while it notices the person’s away. The Savings Finder feature sends in suggestions on more ways users can cut back on unnecessary energy consumption – users have the option to accept or even just ignore these suggestions.

What’s more is that the Nest Thermostat also sends in alerts whenever any filters within the HVAC system needs a replacement, or if any other issues arise.

  1. Amazon Smart Thermostat

Retail Price $60

A new contender in the smart thermostat market that is priced at a considerably low price of $60, the Amazon Smart Thermostat provides the best deal out there for users looking for a cheaper thermostat with just enough features to do the trick.

With easy integration to any Alexa enabled device, this smart thermostat can allow for voice control to make things easy, along with remote control through the Alexa app of course. Change your temperature settings according to your preference and set a schedule for the thermostat to follow with the ‘Good Night’ routine feature. Given that the thermostat is ENERGY STAR certified, it is known to save $50 on annual energy bills.

  1. Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Retail Price $99.99

This particular variant of the Honeywell smart thermostat series is on the cheaper end of the price range. This is one of the best smart thermostats that you can get at a price like this, while other smart thermostats can go up to $150 within the affordable range. This thermostat allows users to manually set the required temperature for the whole week, and it’s quite useful for those individuals that seemingly do not have a fixed schedule every day of the week. With this feature, users can also easily set the different temperature settings that they prefer during night-time, daytime, and even while they’re away from home – for a cozy environment.

Although this particular Honeywell thermostat does not provide voice control features from the device itself, it has a Wi-Fi feature that makes up for it! Since it is Wi-Fi programmable, it has its respective associated smartphone application that helps control the thermostat settings from anywhere – whether you’re at home or away, as long as you are connected to the internet. However, the thermostat is also compatible with any Google Assistant device, allowing for voice-enabled control.

With the energy-savings element of the thermostat, users can considerably save up on the amount of energy consumed not only helping them reduce their energy bills by a favorable amount, but also doing their part in protecting the environment.


Smart Thermostats should essentially be considered a great investment into any home, given that the features that they bring forth not only allow for easy, remote control and voice-enabled control, but the fact that they help significantly cut back on energy wastage and as a plus point, the heating and cooling bills too. Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website and browse through their smart thermostat catalog. There are so many great options and at great prices, for you to choose from!