7 Best Pubs in Philadelphia

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There are a few places in the U.S. where you can guarantee there to be some traditional American pastimes. This includes baseball, football, hotdogs, and beer. All of which are quite popular in Philadelphia. If you’re planning a trip or perhaps looking into Philadelphia houses for sale, you’ll surely want to know where to grab a pint!

Bonner’s Irish Pub

A traditional Irish pub located in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia. This popular stop has been operating since 1995. There is happy hour every weeknight for a low-key, cozy vibe to be enjoyed with friends or coworkers. They offer traditional bar food at cheap prices. With several beers on tap and dirty fries, you’re bound to spend a few hours hanging out at Bonner’s. 

Fergie’s Pub

Philadelphia has pretty deep Irish roots so there’s no wonder there are so many Irish-inspired pubs. Fergies is another to add to the list and for good reason. There are open mic nights that feature local stand-up. If you’re there on the right night, you can catch a traditional Irish music session or an Irish ballad session. This month you can even check up a pop-up play several nights a week! Fergie’s goes the extra mile for entertainment so check this place out if you want a little more than beer and food.

Monk’s Cafe

Monk’s Cafe is passionate about serving you a fresh, delicious, and worldly beer. Paired with affordable and delicious pub food, Monk’s has a reputation in Philadelphia as one of the most popular bars. There’s a welcoming atmosphere here and that’s really what they are going for. Tom Peters is one of the owners and he is always coming up with creative ways to bring you the tastes of America. He recently traveled to Vermont to brew a special beer for their 25th Anniversary.

The Black Taxi

Many locals love to stop at this neighborhood bar. They have some delicious signature foods like buffalo cauliflower, delicious Reubens, and carrot cake or lemon ricotta pancakes. Folks rave about the staff and their exceptional service. And like many of the other pubs in Philadelphia, there is a touch of Irish vibes. Additionally, they are always showing an array of professional sports such as the NFL and college ball.

The Plough and The Stars

A traditional and quiet pub-style bar close to Independence Hall, the Plough is another traditional Irish bar in Philadelphia. Open 7 days a week with outside dining and drinks available for those looking to enjoy the weather. Their inspiration shines through when you visit The Plough. Located in the Old City District, the community and pub are equal representations of the past. It doesn’t hurt that their food exemplifies some of the best Irish-inspired cooking in Philly. 

Kensington Pub

This pub in Philadelphia has become renowned for serving up some of the best seafood in the area. Many regulars love coming here for the reasonable prices. The delicious food doesn’t hurt either. Visitors are always raving about the owner and staff, stating that they are friendly and attentive, and make you feel welcome. Kensington Pub is a winner in our book!

The Victoria’s Freehouse

Victoria’s Freehouse’s vibe is a traditional British pub. Some of the tavern food they serve is sausage rolls, scotch eggs, bread pudding, and meat pies. Patrons rave about their food and their hosting of Liverpool football matches. The food is authentic British pub food and it takes center stage over anything else. They have a diverse selection of beer and a small wine list as well. There are frequent comedy shows upstairs and would be a perfect addition to your Philly visit.