Installation Day for Granite or Quartz Countertops: What to Expect

Congratulations! You just received notice that your new quartz or granite counters from The Countertop Shop are ready for installation at your Toledo or Perrysburg area home. What happens next?

Your Base Cabinets are Ready and Waiting

Before we arrive with your new custom granite or quartz countertop, the base cabinets must be in their final position. If you are using your old cabinets, check that they are level after discarding the old countertop.

Your new appliances, sink, and faucets should all be on site.

A Clear Pathway to the Kitchen or Bathroom

While our team is strong and has done this many times in the past, that piece of stone is still very heavy. Please have all furniture and rugs cleared from the path from the door to the kitchen or bathroom to avoid accidents. In the winter, ensure your stairs and driveway are free of snow and ice.

Experienced Technicians Muscle the Countertops In Place

Our own team of installation experts apply an adhesive to the bottom of the countertop slab and then slide them into place. They will check all edges for even positioning. The adhesive does not set immediately, allowing for some time to achieve the perfect fit.

Seams are Filled and Sealed

Where you have two pieces of countertop that meet, your installers will fill the gap with resin, color, and stone dust to achieve a near-invisible seam. Once the seam dries, it is just as durable as the rest of your granite or quartz countertop.

The Sink and Faucets are Installed

Our installers will attach your new sink and the faucets. They may need to cut a hole in the countertop for the taps. The sink can be an undermount, drop-in, or apron style–but this choice must be made when ordering the countertop. You cannot make a change in size or style after your countertop is ordered.

Wait a Day to Connect Plumbing and Appliances

After the installation team leaves, you will need to wait a day to connect the water lines and start using your new kitchen countertop. This time allows the adhesives to fully cure, ensuring that your new counters will not move in the future.

Let Us Know How We Did

If you have any questions or concerns after your installers have left, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at The Countertop Shop. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and want to help you enjoy your stunning new countertops for many years in the future.

Don’t forget to tell your friends in the Perrysburg and Toledo area about your gorgeous new granite and quartz countertops¬†from The Countertop Shop!